Family Practice Medical Billing

Family Practice Medical Billing

Are You Having these issues with your Family Practice Billing?

In-house billing staff behind?
Billing company not doing well?
Insurance claims not getting paid?


Medivance can help you take control of your medical billing and get you back on track where you should be.


Our staff knows how to process claims properly so you don’t have to. You can have confidence in our billing because we have over 10 years of experience billing for other for medical specialties. Our team will get your collection A/R under control, and stop you from losing money.


At Medivance you have an Experienced Team Working for You.


Our team will take care of charge posting, patient billing functions and billing inquiry calls in addition to guiding doctors and their staff through the medical billing process; from charge entry, insurance claims submission and denial management to revenue follow-up and payment. We want to ensure you and your practice gets paid for all of the services they provide.


So what’s the service cost?
We charge a percentage of collections and a start-up fee. Our medical billing services fee for family practice range from 9%-12% with a start-up fee of $950.


Do you charge for the clearinghouse?
No, we do not. Medivance pays all clearinghouse fees so you don’t have to.


When can I start?
Typically we can get you up and running in a 14 business days.

More than 60% of family practices plan to outsource their billing.

Let us help!