Behavioral Health Billing

Outsource Your Substance Abuse & Mental Health Billing Services to Medivance. Since 2007, we have been a national leader in revenue cycle management for behavioral healthcare treatment programs and toxicology services.

Hospital Billing

Outsourcing presents a great solution for your hospital billing requirements, helping you organize the entire billing and collection process at a fraction of your current operating costs.

Family Practice Medical Billing

Are You Having these issues with your Family Practice Billing? Medivance can help you take control of your medical billing and get you back on track where you should be.

Utilization Review

Our utilization review staff is made up of dedicated clinicians with the experience and passion to seek the highest levels of care for your patients and also extending a patient’s length of stay which can improve the chances of recovery.



I cannot think of a better organization! It is a comfort to know that my treatment center’s growth is not only important to me but to Medivance as well—-And it shows!

Great team, Great billing company…I am looking forward to future ventures with Medivance as SUCCESS is all I see when I think of our working relationship with Medivance. Recovery Restart Loves you guys.

Michelle Woodside

CEO Recovery Restart

Neisha Zaffuto and her Medivance team has grown my facility’s revenue tremendously over a short period of time. I am thankful for them. If you truly want to maximize on you treatment center’s revenue, I would call Medivance Billing Service Now.

Harvey Brown

CEO Insight to Recovery

The personal service that my team receives from the entire Medivance team is amazing.  Because of their customer service and partnership approach, It feels like Medivance works in the same office as us. I have been with Medivance Billing for over four years and the service has only improved. A New Day Treatment Center looks forward to a lasting relationship with Medivance Billing.

Mike Stinskey

CEO A New Day Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center