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Rennova Health Selects Medivance Billing Service
as Revenue Cycle Management Partner

SUNRISE, Fla., Jan. 13, 2017 -Rennova Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNVA) (NASDAQ: RNVAZ), a vertically integrated provider of industry-leading diagnostics and supportive software solutions to healthcare providers, announced today that it has entered into an billing service agreement with Medivance Billing Service, (Medivance) a national leader in revenue cycle management for behavioral healthcare providers and toxicology services, to assist with management and collection of its medical receivable balance.

Rennova Health CEO, Seamus Lagan, noted that he looks forward to Medivance’s experience and capabilities leading to improved efficiency in collecting aged receivables. “Medivance impressed us with a comprehensive approach to our particular requirements,” he said, “We expect that understanding will translate into greatly improved efficiencies for our entire billing and collection needs.”

Mr. Lagan went on to say: “Quality care, accuracy, security and efficient handling of claims are all very important to Rennova Health,” “We look forward to working with Medivance to secure improvements in each of these critical areas.”

Medivance's highly-trained billing services team will compliment Rennova Health’s day-to-day toxicology billing responsibilities, providing more freedom to run their operations. Medivance has been offering billing services to the behavioral healthcare and toxicology industry since 2007.

Neisha Zaffuto, Founder of Medivance Billing Service, said in response to the announcement, “We are pleased that we can support Rennova Health with a dedicated billing solution.  We can help ensure that Rennova Health will be able to focus more time and attention on the things they do best – provide software and diagnostics to healthcare providers – while we handle the administrative duties and improve revenue from collections.”

Medivance CEO, Samuel Mitchell commented, "We are thrilled to add Rennova Health to our Medivance family. The opportunity to have a working relationship with such an outstanding, forward-thinking healthcare organization as Rennova Health is very exciting for us. With 2017 being our tenth year anniversary, we have developed a proven system. We are looking forward to sharing ideas and working toward Rennova Health's continued development."

About Rennova Health, Inc.

Rennova Health provides industry-leading diagnostics and supportive software solutions to healthcare providers, delivering an efficient, effective patient experience and superior clinical outcomes. Through an ever-expanding group of strategic brands that work in unison to empower customers, we are creating the next generation of healthcare. For more information, please visit

About Medivance Billing Service

Medivance Billing Service is a nationally recognized revenue cycle management and healthcare service company that combine deep industry expertise and integrated claim processing technology to assist behavioral health and substance abuse related treatment providers across the country with effective revenue cycle management solutions. Medivance specializes in offering comprehensive behavioral and substance abuse billing, collections and revenue cycle management services to the behavioral health and substance abuse health facilities, eating disorder programs and toxicology laboratories across the country. For more information, please visit:


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