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Increase your revenue with Medivance Billing
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About Us Medivance

Who Are We:

Medivance Billing Service is a national leader in revenue cycle management catering specifically to behavioral healthcare treatment programs and toxicology services. Our take on transparency, timeliness and data reporting is something that we hold in high regard. Our stance on rapid clean claim submission has enabled Medivance Billing to transmit on average, over $65 million dollars in claims monthly for our clients. And with over 140 employees, Medivance has the manpower and expertise to increase & maintain revenue growth along with providing constant communication that will instill confidence from a treatment organization. Medivance has the ability to positively change the way behavioral healthcare providers grow their revenue over time.

Our Executive Team

Neisha Zaffuto

Throughout the Behavioral Health industry, Neisha Zaffuto is known as a veteran facility advocate. This is primarily because of the commitment and hard work she puts into every facility she works with. As founder of Medivance, Neisha understands how vital an outsourced billing company is to a behavioral health facility. This is why attention to all details are met and a blueprint founded on transparency, knowledge and results are etched into the Medivance structure.

“We have created a business model that will not only grow our company but will allow a facility to truly maximize on their revenue.”


Samuel R. Mitchell, Jr. MBA, MHA
Chief Executive Officer

Samuel R. Mitchell, Jr., is a Senior Operational & Financial Executive with a track record of improving performance through organizational leadership, change management, and revenue cycle generation. Samuel has extensive knowledge of healthcare administration, healthcare finance, the healthcare delivery system, health plan operations, and healthcare data analysis. Samuel's core responsibilities and strengths include: Directing and managing P&L’s, Administration, Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Operations, Corporate Compliance & Governance, Training, SOX, Marketing, Revenue Cycle Generation, Physician Billing & Practice Management Services, Sales, IT, Budget Management, Corporate Transformation, Policy Administration, Organizational Development, Conflict Resolution Management, Succession Planning, Recruitment & Onboarding, and Full Scope Negotiations. Samuel has the knowledge, experience and motivational drive to lead Medivance Billing Service towards consistent growth and success.


Joan Gordon
Chief Operating Officer

With over twenty-five years of healthcare experience, Joan Gordon instills a culture at Medivance Billing that is designed to provide the very best in customer service. Mrs. Gordon has a rich background in coordinating the internal operational activities of a healthcare organization in accordance with policies, goals, and objectives. Joan successfully leads and directs Medivance’s functions and business units including, operations and new business coordinations. She takes the lead in developing organization policies insuring that all revenue cycle management activities are performed in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

“From the moment you become a client…Premium customer service is my responsibility”


James Gordon
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

With over ten years of marketing and sales experience, James has added significant value to Medivance's growth with over one hundred new clients added over the last two years. Mr. Gordon has taken the lead on developing educational events geared towards helping treatment providers learn more about the business side of behavioral healthcare. His desire to constantly raise the bar on customer service and developing thought leadership initiatives, will benefit not only Medivance clients but treatment providers nationwide.



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